don’t underestimate business gifts!

Everyone is currently on the online playing field and because of this, the competition is cutthroat. Responding to offline marketing is precisely what allows you to thrive and provides you with a distinctive edge. Giving away a corporate gift to business customers is offline marketing as well that is quite underestimated. Why exactly should you include them in your marketing strategy? We give you 5 reasons why.

Compete (or stand out)

by brand experience

You can stand out from the competition by deploying Customer Intimacy. A value strategy where you put partnerships with your customers at the heart of it all. A good example of companies applying this are companies like and CoolBlue. Building a bond with your customer creates greater involvement and loyalty.

Apply personalized and unique promotional gifts with logo within the Customer Journey and you will see that this is reinforced. A simple way to show that you care about your customer. Include a personalized handwritten card on which you write what you value so much about the partnership and why you are emphasizing this with the help of a gift. The handout becomes even more personal and the partnership is even more central.

There has been an international study that shows that (potential) customers think more positively about companies form which they receive promotional gifts. They are as much as 2,5 times more likely to have a psitive opinion after receiving a gift. You influence the brand experience, who wouldn’t want that?!

Value ratio

of a purchase

Offer something extra with a purchase. By doing this, you change the value. You don’t have to change anything about the price, but that little extra still makes the purchase estimated to be cheaper. You easily attract attention through this element of surprise. The result? In the longer term, higher brand awaresness and brand loyalty.

Look around you. We all have received something once with a purchase. The brand name stands out every time you use it. For example, that umbrella you got from the location you were at because you had to go home through the rain. The fact that your company is better remembered is also shown in the study. A whopping 85% of recipients can remember the giver of the gift!

The law of


We can’t open our mail or we’re inundated with newsletters in which one offers an even higher discount than another, but… with the purchase of a minimum amount.

NO! Be reciprocal.

We all secretly know it, you have to give something before you get something in return. Make the gift meaningful, convenient, unexpected or personal and you’ll find that something will come back without expectation. Get started with incentives and you will naturally get something in return. From taking delivery of your products or services to leaving a review or positive word of mouth.

Don’t forget me

the foundation of your company

It is clear that business gifts work well externally, but they can also be used internally. Personnel are the basis of a company and that is why employer branding, your brand as an employer, is also very important!

In this day and age, finding and therefore retaining personnel is a major challenge. So expressing appreciation is even more important. Give employees the feeling that they really are part of the company and he or she can even become a brand ambassador and propagate this to the outside world without any expectations. Good for the image, because it makes people want to work for you. You can apply this throughout the year, a personally chosen gift and precisely the element of surprise scores high.

Remember, make sure it is a gift that can be used in work and/or private life.


Give attention

to each other

Generating new customers, it’s still an investment. Did you know that on average it costs five times more than retaining an existing customer? Apply a good marketing strategy and the bond and relationship with your existing customer will be strenghtened. Loyal customers; golden words for every marketer.
The type of gift and the moment remain important. For example, sustainable business gifts that constribute to the environment are very popular these days.
During a surprise, our brain has a temporary focus. Other mental processes are on hold at that moment. So, all attention is focused on you!
Integrating business gifts is therefore a must. Whether you are using them at an event for lead generation, responding to the law of reciprocity, as a token of appreciation for your staff or to stimulate your business relations.
Have you already included your business gifts in your marketing strategy?!

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