Utrecht Region Promotion

Utrecht Region Promotion

Promotional gifts

One of the ways in which the Utrecht Marketing Foundation brings the city and its surroundings to the attention of the outside world is by means of souvenirs: various articles, gadgets, things that are typically Utrecht. This city merchandise consists of local products, small giveaways or somewhat more precious items that are sold.


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Making a profit is usually not a goal of these types of institutions, so developing and purchasing these types of products is actually an afterthought. But an important side issue. After all, we all recognize the good feeling that an original travel memory can bring. Moreover, that enthusiasm is shared by residents and local business owners who take pride in their own place and buy trinkets or clothing. As a result, in-house merchandise can be a cost-effective or even profitable business for city marketers.

Utrecht Marketing has a store (and also a webshop) at Domplein 9 where the local VVV is also located. That store sells clothing, books, some Miffy items and local products, such as ceramics and cholate bars from Echt Waar, Dom candles from Snellies (Candles of Towers), Woodwork from Noest or soap from Werfzeep.


Utrecht Region Pass

Quartet game

Another activity of Utrecht Marketing is the Utrecht Region Pass, a pass, a Tripkey-card linked to the buyer’s credit card. The holder of this pass can also travel on public transport, which is ideal for tourists, visitors to events and expats who have just arrived in the Netherlands.

To bring this Utrecht Region Pass to the attention of partners and to promote its use, Utrecht Marketing commissioned DDG Promotions to create a quartet game with well-known day trip destinations in the region. Castles, museums, mills, restaurants and attractions: they all have their own playing card. And the advantage of a quartet game: you can also play it with young children. Where are we going tomorrow?


  • The quartet game is for sale for € 7.50 in the Utrecht Shop or online.
  • There is even an online version (pdf) that you can print and cut out yourself.
  • The Utrecht Region Pass can be ordered here.

“I always experience working with DDG as very pleasant. They are helpful, patient and deliver good quality. The result is once again astonishing and we are very proud of this unique quartet game.”

Femke Kurstjens

Marketeer Business & Talent, Utrecht Marketing

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